Penetration Testing as a Service

Experience valuable insights throughout the entire process, including interim results, with our Pentesting as a Service (PTaaS) portal. Whether you have a one-time or recurring project, our portal allows you to be fully engaged in security assessments.

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Live insights

Receive instant insights throughout the entire assessment process. By promptly notifying you of potential vulnerabilities, you can proactively strengthen your security.


Customize your security assessments to suit your specific requirements. With our PTaaS portal, you have the flexibility to undertake both one-time and recurring projects.

If desired, you can securely provide the essential information through the portal, allowing us to determine the scope and approach based on your input.

Track your progress and retests

Effortlessly track the progress of your follow-up efforts on findings with our portal. If you have implemented changes to address vulnerabilities, you can easily request a retest to validate the effectiveness of your security improvements.

Prepaid credits system

Optimize the procurement process by utilizing our optional prepaid credits system, thereby avoiding lengthy (internal) procedures for individual projects and saving valuable time.