About ThreatLabs

ThreatLabs emerged out of a synergy between people and a drive to accomplish an increase in IT security.

It is essential to have a high degree of resilience against threats as security incidents can have a severe impact on various aspects of your business operations. It is therefore crucial to identify any gaps in your digital resilience to ensure security controls are correctly and effectively deployed to protect assets.

ThreatLabs specializes in security assessments with the goal of identifying vulnerabilities and areas of improvement in your IT environment.

We are a vendor-neutral company with no external investors. Our consultants have extensive knowledge with a hacker mindset and experience in executing security assessments in various (vital) verticals.


Provide organizations with insight into their security posture and maturity through independent assessments and actionable recommendations.


We believe that information security is essential for any organization. ThreatLabs wants to be an accessible, independent and reliable partner. Next to this, we value doing research ourselves as well as sharing knowledge and experience with the security community.

Education and certified expertise

We believe that continuous education is essential in our field, and in order to stay updated with current developments, we actively participate in conferences. Additionally, our consultants have completed certification programs such as OSCP, OSWE, GXPN, and GPEN.